You could face serious consequences.

If you’ve recently been arrested for drunk driving, it’s important for you to be aware of the penalties you are about to face. Washington State has a reputation for having some of the harshest penalties in the country for DUI offenses. Without proper legal representation, you could be faced with one or more of the consequences listed below.

Mandatory Fines

Even on your first offense, you can be charged up to $5,000 in mandatory fines. These financial penalties are meant to get your attention so you’ll take the offense and conviction against you very seriously. Seattle, Portland, and Bellevue traffic attorneys can often lessen that financial penalty for first-time offenders.

Mandatory Jail Sentence

Everyone’s heard of the “drunk tank” where intoxicated persons are detained. Whether you just get stuck in the clink overnight or you will have to serve more time depends on the damages incurred and the severity of your crime. It is usually in your best interest to approach this tricky situation with a good attorney behind you.

Ignition Interlock Device

These devices may be installed on your ignition electrical system to prevent your vehicle from starting if any alcohol is detected on your breath. Interlock devices are often installed as an alternative to heavy fines or jail time. Ask your attorney if he or she can help you seek this option rather than facing something harsher.

Find an attorney to help you

The penalties for drunk driving should not be scoffed at. Aside from losing your license, you could be faced with heavy fines and fees, and even a jail sentence, not to mention the higher premiums you’ll pay for auto insurance. Having a lawyer in your corner to defend you may help lessen the damages.